Marlynn Loyalar

A cook with a mysterious past


Tall and willowy with long golden hair now shot through with touches of gray.


Marlynn is a 45-year-old human and wife of Davian Loyalar and mother of Zanna Loyalar. After getting married, Davian and Marlynn moved to a small town in northern Cyre named Eanorth and opened an inn called the Sword and Cup. The inn was named for the gleaming silver sword and jewel-encrusted cup hung over the central fireplace in the inn. The locals speculated that the cup was Marlynn’s possesion before she moved to town, but little is known about the sword, the cup, or Marlynn and Davian before they moved to Eanorth.

After Eanorth was destroyed in the Long War, Marlynn wanted to search for the sword and cup among the rubble of what remained of the inn, but Davian insisted that they leave as soon as possible. She and her husband swear their daughter to secrecy about her dragonmark. Shortly before the Mourning, the family moved to Fairhaven in Aundair, where Marlynn got a job as a cook to help support Zanna at university.

Marlynn Loyalar

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