Davian Loyalar

A brewer with a mysterious past


Davian Loyalar is a 48-year-old male human. He is big and stocky, with a powerful build. He has iron gray hair that used to be black, and small wrinkles have begun to set in at the corners of his dark brown eyes. Laugh lines are evident around his mouth, but equally deep frown lines have etched themselves across his forehead.


Davian Loyalar is the husband of Marlynn Loyalar and father of Zanna Loyalar. After getting married, Davian moved with his wife to a small town in northern Cyre named Eanorth and opened an inn called the Sword and Cup. The inn was named for the gleaming silver sword and jewel-encrusted cup hung over the central fireplace in the inn. The locals speculated that Davian once used the sword for its intended purpose, but little is known about the sword, the cup, or Marlynn and Davian before they moved to Eanorth.

After Eanorth was destroyed in the Long War, Davian was shocked to discover his daughter had developed a dragonmark, but took it as a sign. He made Zanna promise not to let anyone know about the mark and made plans to move his family out of the war zone as quickly as possible. Shortly before the Mourning, the family moved to Fairhaven in Aundair, where Davian found a job working as a brewer at an inn to support Zanna at university.

Davian Loyalar

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